Services offered in the Boston, Massachusetts area:

Final pick Construction: License General Contracting with the state of Massachusetts: H I C License: Home Improvement License, Workman Compensation and General Liabilities with the state Final Pick is a qualified Contractor that has many satisfied customers that would love to talk to you. We have Carpenters in house that do excellent work.

  • Commercial and Residential
  • Loft Conversion
  • Adding Doors and Windows
  • Living/Family/Dining Room Additions
  • 3 or 4 Season Sun-rooms
  • Vinyl Deck and Rails                                                                                                                                                     
  • Vinyl Replacement Products
  • Cabinetry
  • Custom Furniture Making
  • Fine Woodworking
  • Parquetry
  • and much more…

Our team of carpenters always put a %100 in every job they love what they do for work and it shows in every project we take on. We know every carpenter that works for  Final pick Services has been screed and tested for job quality it`s  important you have a great team of skilled guys that enjoy working together it shows in the finish product  ” the best skilled and qualified Carpenters”

As part of our Thinking Green Policy, we encourage the use of renewable materials. For instance right now, cork is our favorite flooring material. Cork is harvested from the bark of the Cork Oak tree which grows in the Mediterranean. The tree is not cut down for harvesting, therefore a cork tree can live more than 200 years. Don’t think drab and boring when you hear “cork flooring.” We can find cork tile in many shapes, sizes and colors of the rainbow. Show us a sample of a ceramic tile style you are interested in and we’ll find something close in cork.

Cork flooring has many attractive qualities. Not only is it durable enough for the constant traffic of public buildings, but has a softness quality as well. It is welcome relief in offices and kitchens, where you are standing on your feet all day. Today, many government buildings, banks and libraries are installing cork floors rather than linoleum or ceramic tile. Cork is used in recording studios and near heavy machinery because it reduces sound and vibration. Cork contains a useful wax-like substance called Suberin, which resists fire, fungus, termites and rot.

Bamboo flooring is another option if you are trying out green products. Bamboo grows incredibly fast and can be planted compactly together, therefore greatly reducing the amount of land needed for farming. Older homes in the Boston area, attract termites galore. Along with the heavy rains here in eastern Massachusetts, comes the dangers of moisture damage. Bamboo has natural properties to resist insects, bacteria and moisture. Bamboo is even much harder than other woods used for flooring, such as white oak and rock maple. The grain is beautiful and comes in different tonalities- tan, nude, cherry and dark brown stains. It is a refreshingly modern change of style compared to the old-fashioned hardwood floors. Being environmental is fashion and the future, make sure you incorporate it into your home, so you’re not left behind.

Converting your attic into a livable loft space could be an exciting way to expand your home. Who wouldn’t love an extra guestroom, bathroom or storage room? Cutting a window into the roof is generally easy because they can fit right between the beams. You’ll need atleast 2.3metres or at a minimum 2.1metres of space under the ridge of the roof. We can answer questions you may have, such as, if your attic floor is sturdy enough to handle the extra weight and if not, how we could fix it. You may have a water tank sitting right in the middle of the attic, which should not hinder your idea to renovate because this could be moved and hidden from view in several different ways. It is immensely important to preserve the structural integrity of the roof, so hiring experienced contractors is always recommended.