Services in The Boston area, Massachusetts:

Total Interior Removal
Final Picks demolition contractors are well trained, safety conscious and professional when it comes to working well with project managers and site superintendents. We provide demolition services to the Northeast including Boston, Massachusetts – MA.

Final Pick Services – Selective demolition: We specialize in going in to a commercial building or a residential house and taking down specific walls,ceilings,tub,heating-system,take the deck off the house, remove stairs from front of a building or a chimney. the point i`m trying to make is that we can take out a section of the structure remove and dispose and clean up the area so the carpenters can come in right behind us and do their job in a safe working area.


Our demolitions specialists provide:

  • Selective Demolition
  • Interior and exterior building demolition
  • Interior gut outs including ceilings, flooring, Sheetrock and mechanical
  • Building facade removal
  • Equipment and piping removal
  • Mechanical Dismantling
  • Mezzanine and steel work removal
  • Masonry and brick wall removal
  • Saw Cutting and removal for concrete slab trenching
  • Service area:   Massachusetts,  Boston, MA

Final Pick Inc, can be relied upon to dispose of bulbs and ballasts correctly and adhere to OSHA standards for PPE and disposal.

Meticulous Removal in Highly Sensitive Environments
Hospitals and occupied spaces rely on Final Pick to work quickly, quietly and cleanly for minimum interruptions to building occupants. Vacuums and negative air machines are as vital to our tool boxes as seawalls and wrecking hammers.

24-Hour Trucking of Debris
Loading dock space is not always available for dumpsters in metropolitan facilities. Front Line trucks are able to slip into congested areas and remove construction debris quickly.

·  New construction clean up

·  Demolition

·  Emergency Water Damage Restoration and Recovery

·  Fire Damage Restoration and Recovery

·  Mold Remediation