Estate clean out is something you don’t want to have to deal with when the home’s occupant has passed away or you are trying to move out of your home. If you are in the Eastern Massachusetts area, let us take care of it for you so you can avoid the headache.

Has a relative who lived in this area recently died? Maybe you can’t get here to clean out their home or it would be too difficult for you. Or perhaps your family has gone through it and taken what they want and something needs to be done with what is left over. It needs to be totally cleaned out, however, because the property is going up for sale or will be rented out to a new tenant. Our estate clean out services will remove these possessions for you so you don’t have to worry about it.

Maybe you are moving and do not have time to deal with the things in the house that you don’t care to take with you. Something has to be done with it, and that is where we come in with our estate clean out services. We can discard whatever remains in the house and clean it out so that it can be sold or rented.

Real estate agents often turn to us for our estate clean out services when tenants or homeowners have been forced to leave due to foreclosure. Oftentimes, these people have to leave in a hurry, or they will be locked out of their house. There is often garbage, appliances, furniture and the like that are left behind, and they need to be removed before the property can be listed for sale on the market.

We are big believers in that when we do an estate clean out, we donate anything we can to charities, homeless shelters or local agencies so someone else can benefit from it. If something is not in good enough condition to be donated, we try to recycle when possible so that the waste does not find its way to landfill and harm the environment. If neither is an option, we will properly dispose of it so you don’t have to worry about it.

In addition to removing everything from the house as part of an estate clean out, we also clean the house and get it ready for a new tenant to move in or for it to be listed in on the market. Not only do we clean it, but we use our team of plumbers, general contractors and carpenters to make any repairs necessary for the house to be presentable. This can include problems in the kitchen or bathrooms, changing out windows or replacing siding, regardless of the material.

When estate clean out is something you don’t want to have to deal with, let us come out and give you a free estimate so we can take the burden off of you. If the property in question is in the areas of Boston, Cambridge, Dorchester, Quincy, Canton, Avon, Dedham, Brockton or Weymouth, Massachusetts, we can clean it out and prepare it for sale or rental. You can reach us at 508-588-0007, toll-free at 1-866-346-2574, or fill out our online information request form to schedule an appointment.