*** Live Load Trucking ***

Hauling debris in and around Boston, MA


We provide special services for all our customers that cannot rent a dumpster.

  1. You don`t have the space for one.
  2. You don`t have the time to wait for one to show up.
  3. You don`t have that much debris & it is not worth the extra money to rent a dumpster.
  4. You have to clean out a large space. It is going to take more than one dumpster and you want it done fast for a reasonable rate. Etc..

Live Load Trucking is your answer to a lot of hauling problems. Give Final PIck Services a call Free Quote 508.588.0007

We can bring one or more trucks to clean out a large space in a short amount of time.

Extra charges for non-Recyclable items that you put in your rented dumpster.


  • $20.00, car batteries  Tires
  • $ 25.00 refrigerators,
  • $25.00 TV’s or CRT’s
  • $25.00 mattresses or box springs
  • No medical or infectious waste
  • No ballasts or florescent bulbs/tubes
  • No asbestos or asbestos containing products
  • No 55 gallon drums
  • No hazardous materials (such as paints, oils, grease, solvents, propane tanks, etc)

Avoid extra charges and do not put these items in your dumpster or you will be charged.

The transfer station charges our company for the listed items, so unfortunately we have to charge.