Living in a Green Eco-Friendly World

•The Ethics of Eating Animals
I am thinking of the chemical engineers who had eggs all over their faces when a woman who had sued their company for polluting her land found an “unknown” font of off pouring waste that inspectors just somehow missed. I sure hope none of the fish from those streams gets in my tuna. The toxic out pour was supposedly cleaned up, but how can a company be trusted with two strikes already?
Freecycler Power
I am noticing a powerful surge in local Freecycle listings and give and take on both sides. here is the entry so you can see how minute the item listings might be and how every thing passed on instead of binned saves landfill and creates a re-use opportunity instead of a consumer buy.
•Recycle Your Pantry
Keep thinking you need to go shopping when you really need to get looking for recipes? Do you throw out perfectly good remainder foods because “you just don’t use it”. Find ways to use what’s in the kitchen.
•Turn off the AC
In writing about the electronics practices to winterize green, an observed stumbling block emerged. When businesses and home thermostats should be set to 68 degrees, a lot of public buildings are set to cool air to a much lower temperature.

•More Ways to Increase Fuel Efficiency
Sometimes people feel more cold than others. This is usually because their bodies have undergone temperature changes at varying degrees of rapidity during that day. The body’s resistance wears down over time. If the kids need to take showers right when they get home and the house is cold, have one parent run inside and run the bath while the kids stay in the (still) warm car. Muffle up in wraps, scarfs and gloves before going outside and losing heat, then putting them on. Use car warm-up time to text work, communicate chores or dinner instructions, or review shopping notes or errand plans. Kids who stayed at the bus stop for extended cold times or played outside at school should stay in.

Is Las Vegas Green?
Petropolitics aside, the broad desert spans of Nevada could be soaking up solar energy in record waves. The old saying what happens in Las Vegas stays in Vegas is never more untrue than in the waste disposal analysis and energy consumption of this desert oasis of sustainability reason.
•Winterizing the House
Now is the time when everyone wants to get the bills lowered and the food budget raised. Just one problem: in a sustainable household the math doesn’t always meet in the middle. Here are some ways to change that. How many have you accomplished?

Obama buys $4800 recycled chandelier
The craft of chandelier making from recycled resources seem to be getting on in vogue. A chandelier made for recycled materials was bought by President Barack Obama for his two daughters.

Leftover Pumpkin Recipes
Recycle and Re-use Your Inner pumpkin (flesh) and make these delicious post Halloween cuisine items. Use the flesh from a pumpkin to make soup with ginger or delicious mini loaves of pumpkin bread.
Reduce Winter Heating Costs
Protect your system. Change furnace filters regularly to keep your air clean and to ensure maximum air flow. If your home, apartment or condo unit has an individual furnace or boiler, have it inspected by a professional. A furnace that works properly will be more efficient and less likely to fail.