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Final Pick Services skilled team should be your choice when considering a Roofing and Siding Project in Boston, Massachusetts. External home improvement is just as important as Internal home improvement.

Siding and Roofing are probably the most important part of a house. Yet, it’s the part we are most likely to forget to check… It is essential that when considering either one of these home remodeling projects, that the services of a knowledgeable and experienced contractor is obtained. Any remodeling project can be stressful, but when it involves Roofing and Siding, the added inconvenience has the possibility of becoming a nightmare. Our experience, understanding and dedication to our clients, will help relieve this type of worry.

Roof repair is not a job that you want to tackle yourself. If you are in the Eastern Massachusetts area, we can take care of all of your roof repair needs.

A yearly inspection is the best way to avoid having to do roof repair. These types of checks can alert you to any missing, cracked or warped shingles, loose seams, deteriorating flashings or other kinds of issues.  Should an inspection show any of these problems, we can show you what type of roof repair is needed. But if a problem has gotten bigger, sometimes there are other ways to tell something is wrong. If you have problems inside your home, such as discolored plasterboard, peeling wallpaper or cracked paint, then you should have your roof checked sooner rather than later. These are all indicative of a leak, and the longer it goes on, the more your roof or home’s structure could be damaged.

Problems needing roof repair could stem from other things as well. If you have water in your attic after heavy, driving rains, there could be cracks in your roof, which means it may be necessary to replace the shingles. And of course, over time, roof materials such as roof sheathing, siding and shingles can decay, also leading to the need for replacement. No matter what kind of roof problems you have, we can help you determine the best type of roof repair needed.

And here is something else to think about: If your roof is faulty, you may actually be paying more for your energy bills than you should be. If you have bad ventilation, you could be working your air conditioning and heating unit more than necessary – thus costing you more money. Sure, roof repair is an investment, but it may even pay for itself with your energy cost savings. Plus, it may keep the inside of your home and attic at a more comfortable temperature.

The strong Nor’easters that can blow through our area can also have a heavy impact on your roof. Strong winds can loosen shingles, turn debris into a missile that attacks your roof or cause a plethora of other kinds of problems. If debris lands on your roof and isn’t removed, that, too, can lead to weathering that requires roof repair. We know the kind of havoc our weather patterns can wreak on a roof and therefore know the best ways to take care of any problems that arise.

Problems with roofs are usually found pretty quickly. With our experience, we know how the various materials work and interact with roof components such as skylights, plumbing vent pipes and ventilations fans – important knowledge to have before embarking on a roof repair project. We will be able to fix your roof without causing other problems.

If you have concerns about your roof, let us come out and examine it with a free estimate. We can determine what type of roof repair – if any – is needed. We offer a one-year guarantee on workmanship, and our service area includes Boston, Cambridge, Dorchester, Quincy, Canton, Avon, Dedham, Brockton and Weymouth, Massachusetts. Give us a call at 508-588-0007, toll-free at 1-866-346-2574, or fill out our online information request form to set up your appointment.

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Replacement siding can go a long way toward changing the look of your home; Consider this great external home improvement if you live in Boston or if you are in the Eastern Massachusetts area, we are your company of choice for replacement siding.

When you have replacement siding installed, it can dramatically increase the curb appeal of your home. Are you considering listing your home on the market? Replacement siding can give you a huge advantage and offer more allure for someone considering your home. In addition to the aesthetic benefits, it can also help insulate your home, especially against our freezing winters – which means your utility bills will be lower as a result. And the benefit that may be best of all? It is very easy to maintain.

Vinyl is a very popular choice when people consider replacement siding. It is made from PVC plastic resin, which will not rot or flake. There are so many colors available, you are certain to find something that you feel will complement your home. And because the color goes all the way through the material, it will not fade over time the way other types of siding can. Vinyl can also be made to replicate details on your home that were once created from wood, but at a far lower cost.

Is cost a consideration for you? Vinyl siding has been pretty stable in price during the past several years, whereas the cost of wood has gone up. And since vinyl does not need to be primed, back primed or painted the way wood does, it takes less time to install and means you pay lower costs in labor.

Cement fiber is another option for replacement siding. The materials are mostly made from concrete, which means bugs and moisture will not be drawn to it. It, too, comes in myriad colors and styles. Can’t find one you like? It is customizable. Some of cement fiber’s benefits are that it is fire resistant, which can give you some peace of mind if you decide on it for you replacement siding, and it stands up well against strong winds. And if you want replacement siding that requires little to no maintenance, ask us whether this is the right type for you.

Are you stuck on the idea of having real wood for your replacement siding? It can offer a natural, rustic beauty that, if maintained correctly, will last for years. It can also be put in horizontally or vertically, and has a variety of options for style, plus it can be painted or stained to whatever color you choose. It is a bit costlier and requires more maintenance than other options, but it can give your home a beautiful appearance.

No matter which type of replacement siding you opt to go with, it is important that you choose a company that knows how to remove the original siding so that the new product goes on correctly. We have the experience to do this and install your replacement siding so that your home has increased curb appeal, and we offer a one-year guarantee on our workmanship. Our service area includes Boston, Cambridge, Dorchester, Quincy, Canton, Avon, Dedham, Brockton and Weymouth, Massachusetts. If you would like to schedule a free estimate, fill out our online information request form or call 508-588-0007 or toll-free at 1-866-346-2574.