*** SALVAGE ***

Final pick Services has a team of trained guys on cutting, torch cutting, saw-saw cutting removing metal structures heating systems, commercial racks system, metal studs, boilers, oil tanks anything you have that is metal you want to get rid of please call Scott at 617-233-6476

Salvage services can help reduce the labor and disposal costs when you have items that are no longer of use to you. If you are in the Eastern Massachusetts area, we offer a variety of salvage options.

Have you recently completed a home remodeling project? If you have ripped out appliances, cabinets, sinks or other such items, often we can pick them up and salvage them. You would be surprised at what can be reused from some of these types of projects. Even the glass from windows can be salvaged and either reused or recycled.

If you have had new flooring put down, we can remove the old flooring as well. Again, it can be recycled into something else, or it can be reused in someone else’s home or office.

There are often reusable building materials in your home or on your job site if you are a contractor or business owner. Oftentimes, these materials can be salvaged, and we will come to your home or business to pick them up. We can salvage just about anything, from rubber to glass, cardboard to paper.
Sometimes salvage material does not come from a remodeling job or building project. Perhaps you have tires in your possession that you no longer need but do not want the hassle of having to dispose of them. Or maybe you have other recyclable goods that you are ready to part with. That is where we come in with our salvage services.
Did you know that reusing a single cast iron tub can keep 450 pounds of carbon dioxide out of our atmosphere? Helping the environment is just one of the benefits of using our salvage services. It also reduces the amount of waste that finds its way into landfills, and it can save the energy that would be necessary to manufacture new items.
And by allowing us to salvage items that you are no longer using, we can help someone else save money – often 40% to 60% of what it would cost should they have to buy the material new. Plus, when something is salvaged from your home or business and used elsewhere, it can give a unique sense of personality to its new location.
Plus, you don’t have to worry about disposing of the products when you use our salvage services, and it can save you money on the disposal fees. And, of course, it saves you the labor of having to physically dispose of the items yourself.
But what if you have something large that you want to have salvaged? Do you have a boat that is not in the best shape but whose lifespan is not completely over? What about an old car that can be salvaged? Talk to us about how we can take these items that are no longer wanted off of your hands.
When you have decided you have items that are no longer of use to you and you are ready for our salvage services, get in touch with us to schedule a free estimate. Our service area includes Boston, Cambridge, Dorchester, Quincy, Canton, Avon, Dedham, Brockton and Weymouth, Massachusetts. We can be reached at 508-588-0007, toll-free at 1-866-346-2574, or fill out our online information request form.

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