Client Testimony – Home-Improvement – Boston Massachusetts

Final Pick Services are Outstanding!! Usually the rule to remember is, “The Bitter taste of POOR Quality remains long after the Sweet taste of a LOW price has been forgotten.” The guys from Final Pick Services are the exception to this one. We had the crew from Final Pick Services come out and do some major improvements on the house. They installed a new roof on the building complete with New Soffits, Fascia Boards and Seamless Gutters and installed the Aluminum Trim on all the windows. What a remarkable job! These guys do not play around when it comes time to get the job done Quick and Done Right. and the Price was Un-Beatable! The work was done very professionally and properly and the place was left so clean when finished it was if they had never been there. So we are very happy with the Professional Quality and Low Price. Thanks you Guy at Final Pick Services


Date of Posting: 08 November 2010
Posted By: David Carucci

Scott, I wanted to pass this along to you and your staff. Again, you out did yourselves. Thank you so much for all your hard work and diligence in making sure the clients and staff at our programs are handled with respect and thoughtfulness. Your team deserves a big WOO HOO….which I just yelled out here at work…so they got it. Ha ha ha… Thanks again


Date of Posting: 24 April 2010
Posted By: Marion Figueiredo
Purchasing Coordinator | Vinfen Corporation, 950 Cambridge, MA 02141 | telephone 617-441-1787

John; I have to express to you how satisfied I am with the services that you and Scott and staffs provided last week. It is not often that I am so completely satisfied with a service that I feel compelled to put it in writing to show my appreciation. I chose your demolition and cleanup proposal over your competitors for the following reasons: cost-competitiveness, competent know-how, and flexibility to my schedule. I did not realize just how well you would perform. The following are standout observations from last Thursday. Your staff was friendly, professional, conscientious and honest. It was brought to my attention more than once that I had ear marked for removal certain items of value. Unintentional for the most part – I truly appreciate their honesty. Your staff was certainly well versed in their work at hand. Removing the large porch and the shed was indeed a “disassemble” project rather than demolition and one that was well organized neat throughout, and very fast. Your staffs certainly know their job and are proficient at it. Your staff awareness to “the surroundings” – neighbors, town hall employees and visitors, police, etc. – had many people commenting to me with high regard on your staffs work and professionalism. The cleanup of the work site could not have been done better. It was immaculate. The fact that his job was completed so well within an eight-hour day owes a lot to your Supervisor Scott Cleveland. Scott was excellent at ensuring that everyone had what they needed to get the job done and that the various tasks were orchestrated so that no person was held up by a yet-to-be-completed task. Everything was in sync. The same goes for John. From the initial estimating to the final visit during cleanup, it’s obvious you thoroughly understand the services you provide and how to deliver. Again, I just needed to express how totally satisfied I am with your services. I will certainly refer your name onto my colleague’s who may need similar services. And please pass my thanks along to Scott and staffs. Sincerely,


Date of Posting: 13 September 2008
Posted By: Edward W. O’Brien