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Home windows can do more than just bring light into your home and give you a view outdoors; they can also help you save money.  We can explain the various benefits Massachusetts residents receive by replacing home windows.

On sunny days especially, home windows can help brighten up your home.  Natural light pouring in through your windows can bring a little bit of the outdoors inside and of course give you a view of the outside without having to be exposed to poor weather conditions.  Is it too humid and hot? You can relax in air-conditioned comfort while still seeing the outdoors.  Watching the snow fall during the winter can be beautiful, but you may not want to be outside in it freezing.

If you are remodeling, changing your home windows can give your house a whole new look.  No matter what style you choose for your home, you want to make sure the windows you choose mesh with the theme.

Anyone who has lived in Massachusetts through a winter is probably well-acquainted with enormous oil and electric heating bills. Due to breakthroughs in technology through recent years, windows manufactured today are fundamentally more energy-efficient.  We will help you choose high-performance window panes that will drastically lower air-leakage and heat loss.  Windowpanes with a warmer surface temperature will prevent condensation that leads to mold and mildew.  The cost savings for insulating your home with new energy efficient windows will be apparent immediately.

With natural light coming through windows during the day, it means you have to rely less on electricity.  Of course, this will save you money on your utility bills if the windowpanes are properly insulated.  Did you know that having certain kinds of home windows installed can help you qualify for a tax credit up to $1500?  If you want to take advantage of this benefit from the stimulus bill, it must be done by the end of 2010.  Don’t wait untill it’s too late, talk to us about whether this is a possibility for you.

Another consideration to take into account with home windows is how frequently you want to open them.  If you are simply replacing home windows due to cracks or breakage, you may want to stick with the same type that you have.  Many types of windows, though, are available in a variety of sizes, so you should be able to find one that will fit your needs.  Do you want the luxury to swing the window in or out by winding a handle?  Then a casement window might be your best option.  Double- and single-hung types of home windows are made with two cases – the section of the window that contains the panes; you can slide one or both of the cases up or down to open it and let in the fresh air.  Sliding windows work the same way but go side to side instead of up or down.  Or perhaps you want a simple home window that doesn’t open at all.

Home windows can be a bit on the tricky side to install, so you definitely want the experts to handle it.  If you are putting new windows into existing openings, you want to be certain that they are installed properly; otherwise, it could lead to leaks, drafts or other problems.

If you are ready to have home windows installed and are in the areas of Boston, Cambridge, Dorchester, Quincy, Canton, Avon, Dedham, Brockton or Weymouth, Massachusetts, let us come out and give you a free estimate.  Schedule yours by filling out our online information request form, or give us a call at 508-588-0007 or toll-free at 1-866-346-2574.